Unrecoverable Project

These projects had strategic building input post-tender, but even with this input, the cost gap could not be bridged, and they were abandoned.

New Luxury Residence, Brighton

Project Summary

New architecturally designed 3 level residence incorporating basement carpark and complex hybrid façades

Procurement Method

Competitive Lump-Sum Tender


Original tender range was $6.0- $6.3m which was $2.0m in excess of the Quantity Surveyors cost-estimate, and therefore the project budget.  Post tender, a value management and documentation review was undertaken with the architect resulting in a revised $5.7M construction price. The project was still well outside the clients’ target cost.

Buildability Solutions

Basement retention redesign, alternative upper level structural design and alternative cladding systems, substitution of materials and finishes with similar alternatives.


Project did not proceed as exceeded clients budget.  Direct and indirect ‘lost’ cost for documentation, tender & post tender processes – guesstimate $250k +